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Acon Construction is providing partial and substantial renovations for single-family houses, condominiums, at both residential and commercial properties. This includes but is not limited to the following activities.

1. Structural Changes: Alterations to the building's structure, such as removing or adding walls, changing the layout, or reinforcing the foundation.

2. Systems Upgrade:Upgrading essential systems like plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems to meet modern standards.

3. Roof Replacement: Installing a new roof or making extensive repairs to the existing one.

4. Flooring:Replacing or upgrading flooring materials.

5. Kitchen Remodeling: Significant changes or upgrades to these areas, including new fixtures, appliances, and layout modifications.

6- Bathroom Remodeling to be curbless and wheelchair-accessible includes features such as a shower seat, handicap toilet, and a handicap vanity.

6. Window and Door Replacement: Installing new windows and doors for improved energy efficiency and aesthetics.

7. Insulation: Adding or upgrading insulation for better energy efficiency.

8. Heating / AC: replacing the furnace /heat pump and air-conditioning systems 

Remodeling the exterior cladding 

& adding insulation  

wheelchair accessible

Custom made shower pan  



Constructing lift shaft

with two stops 

Curb less shower base  



Walk -in Tub 




Commercial washrooms





Constructing substantial structural alternation

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